ProPTT2 support several types of location tracking.
One is last location tracking of users and the other one is 1 day location traking of a user.

Client PTT location

ProPTT2 clients support map for PTT's location.

Client's location sending

ProPTT2 clients support map for user's location sending in a channel.

Client location tracking

ProPTT2 Android version support map for member's location tracking in a channel.
Enable location sharing on channel information in adminWeb.
Please note only channel leader can see the map.

Last location tracking

ProPTT2 support 2 ways for last location tracking.


ProPTT2 Mini/Trial/Standard server support this way through adminWeb.

Admin and dispatcher can track last locations at adminWeb.


ProPTT2 Enterprise server support this way through PC client. PTT's location would be also included.

Dispatcher can track last locations on PC client.

User 1 day location tracking

Dispatcher can see the user's locations for last 1 day. Only ProPTT2 Enterprise server can support this feature.