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188. How do I configure the ProPTT2 applicaiton for android on a local network?

I have setup a local server. 
I have added users.

What am I missing? I can't connect the android application to my local server.

Suppose my local server is at 
All devices are the same lan.
I just can't login to my ProPTT2 server. 

Nov 30 '20 at 17:21 (GMT0) created by Mike

Dear Mike,
On login screen of Android, you have to set server's IP.
But normally it would be server's setup issue.
If you lost a step in setup process, client could not log in server.
To find the wrong point, please check a list in below.
You can find it at there.

Dec 1 '20 at 01:40 (GMT0) created by ProPTT2 dev