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161. Video quality problem when doing VideoPtt


I'm using v3 sdk for windows. How can I adjust video quality when doing VideoPtt? I couldn't see a method to manage this with the channel object. When I get control from your client application, there are quality settings for videoptt. I would appreciate it if you could help.

Sep 22 '20 at 06:42 (GMT0) created by MEHMET KAPUSUZO?LU

Please refer to below code.

uint32_t mediaProfileID;
if (quality == LOW) mediaProfileID = 0x21111031;
else if (quality == MEDIUM) mediaProfileID = 0x21211031;
else if (quality == HIGH) mediaProfileID = 0x21321031;


Sep 22 '20 at 14:21 (GMT0) created by ProPTT2 dev