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183. Linux SDK and audio problems

We are using the Linux SDK for a PTT application. 
We can bring a channel up and send audio through, but the audio is very garbled.

Do you have any sample audio applications on the Linux sdk?
Might you have some suggestions?

Finally, where should linux SDK questions be posted?

Thank you, 

Nov 29 '20 at 21:44 (GMT0) created by Mike

Dear Mike.
The Linux SDK is on Beta status.
So we could not support it yet.
We need to improve it. (Linux system's audio is not easy to be controled.)

Nov 30 '20 at 03:32 (GMT0) created by ProPTT2 dev

Do you have any suggestions about what we might try?
Our product is nearly ready for release.

Is it possible for you to make the Linux SDK source code available for us to look at??

Nov 30 '20 at 11:26 (GMT0) created by Mike

The source code would be not available.
I think you can use channel event in SDK.
You can have PTT's PCM data.

Dec 1 '20 at 01:49 (GMT0) created by ProPTT2 dev