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215. Possibility for user to override channel lock

Is it possible for a user having special rights) to “break in” or “take over” a current PTT channel?

The use case we want to achieve that when a user is talking in a given channel, he can be interrupted by a dispatcher and the dispatcher takes over the conversation and the PPT channel changes the lock from the user to the dispatcher.
What methods should be called in the app used by the dispatcher, and what settings should the dispatcher user have to make this possible?

As an extension to this question, is there a document explaining 
- the difference between Normal and Master Channel 
- different lock types and the way to achieve them (and their relations to user levels and roles)

Apr 8 '21 at 07:46 (GMT0) created by Olivier Vanekem

Dear Olivier,
To make an emergency PTT or intercept PTT, you have to use emergency parameter in next api.
About Master channel,
You can find it at ch 9.3 in
Unfortunately there is a simple diagram only.
We are recommending only channel owner can use the master channel.

Apr 8 '21 at 09:18 (GMT0) created by ProPTT2 dev