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275. Validation

I have tried to validate the licence verification key but it does not work for Standard Server.
For trial server I have got the message; The Trial server is not supported.

Will the server stop working if the licence is not validated?

May 6 '22 at 08:55 (GMT0) created by Jose M Gomez

Dear Jose M Gomez,
The trial son't support the validation.
It will work continuously.
But when ProPTT2's policy is changed in the future, it could be stopped.

May 7 '22 at 13:04 (GMT0) created by Levent

I see this in Standard Server:
Home Setup General page
Next License Verification Date 	02.10.2022 05:16:18 

It looks like the validation tool does not work, or I tried too early?

May 9 '22 at 19:55 (GMT0) created by Jose M Gomez

It will work between 02.09.2022 and 02.11.2022

May 10 '22 at 10:49 (GMT0) created by ProPTT2 dev

Please give your Product ID to
We will check your product.

May 9 '22 at 23:15 (GMT0) created by ProPTT2 dev