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288. ProPTT2 installation on Ubuntu server 2204 LTS


has anyone done installation to Ubuntu server. I rather would like to use that platform as Centos is EOL in general.

Could need some help (step by step) manual to setup everything.

Oct 26 '22 at 11:26 (GMT0) created by Jan Ă–sterlund

Basically the installation guide is based on Centos only.
But several customers are using Ubuntu.
It would be similar with Centos.
I'd like to recommand to try it with Centos guide.

Oct 27 '22 at 10:44 (GMT0) created by ProPTT2 dev

Yes I know that.

Just wondering has anyone done setup guide to Ubuntu. There is some differences between and there for it would be nice to have step by step guide. We don't want to use legacy OS Centos and rather well suported Ubuntu. Great installation manuals are everything when doing setups for first time.

Nov 8 '22 at 12:24 (GMT0) created by Jan Ă–sterlund