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294. Can not login to Windows ProPTT2 Client

My server settings are correct. They were verified by the TEST button in setup host. I input and 1234 for password. I also typed the capture correctly about 1000 times. The error after clicking Login says, "Please verify your username or password again." I tried download the iOS app. I logged in successfully with the same settings. It just won't let me login to the Windows PC Client. What could be the problem?

Mar 29 '23 at 06:38 (GMT0) created by Rohaun Woodard

Dear Rohaun Woodard,
"My server settings are correct"
Normally it would not be.
"They were verified by the TEST button in setup host"
That means only 8080 port is opened.
If there is any issue on the installation process, the login would be failure.
To fine what is wrong, please check the list in

Mar 29 '23 at 10:42 (GMT0) created by ProPTT2 dev