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90. NodeMCU/ESP32 support

Is there any plan to release SDK/Client for NodeMCU/ESP32 ?

I think the core needed feature will be :

1. Credentials : Stored in configuration files, let developer decide on how to write to that file
2. Channel switch by API call 

Basically, it'll let makers to build a standard 'walkie talkie'. No graphical UI, just USB/Serial configuration port. just like Inrico T199

I'm pretty sure that this board have enough precessing power to do it. check wiphone at kickstarter and indiegogo.


Jul 4 '19 at 06:42 (GMT0) created by Bino Oetomo

Dear Bino,
Thanks for your proposal.
ProPTT2 already have a Linux SDK.
ProGate is made by the Linux SDK on Linux board.
But the Linux SDK is not packaged yet.
So now it is not opened.
When we package it, NodeMCU could be supported.
It is not scheduled yet.

Jul 4 '19 at 06:57 (GMT0) created by ProPTT2 dev


Jul 5 '19 at 04:31 (GMT0) created by Bino Oetomo