ProPTT2 Developers Privacy Policy

IMPTT Inc. (Hereafter the “Company”) complies with privacy policies stipulated in relevant laws including Information Communication Network Promotion and Protection of Information Laws, Privacy Laws, Protection of Communications Secrets Act, Telecommunications Business Act which required to be observed by information communication service providers, and we take the security of your personal information very seriously by enacting a policy for handling personal information based on relevant laws.

Article 1 (Personal information collected and methods of collection)

  1. Personal information collected

    The company collects the following personal information when you use the ProPTT2 Developer Website(, hereafter “Developer Web”) of Company for the first time for subscribing to a membership (or subscribing for service) and to provide services.

    • Essential : Email address (ID), Password, name (or nickname)

    And the following information can be automatically generated and collected while using service or while conducting businesses.

    • IP Address, MAC Address, date of access, service log, cookie, access log
  2. Methods of collecting personal information

    The company collects personal information in the following methods.

    • Collection while subscribing to a membership or using “Developer Web” of Company
    • Collection through tools for collecting generated information (including cookie)
    • Collection through voluntary disclosure by user while using “Developer Web”
    • Provided by partners

Article 2 (Collection and use of personal information)

The company uses collected personal information for the following purposes.

  1. Provide “Developer Web” Service and Membership management
    • Identification within “Developer Web” service subscribed by you and connecting accounts set by you including Email
    • Providing “Developer Web” service, identifying members, preventing disruptive members from accessing the service and preventing unauthorized accesses, confirm intention to subscribe, record keeping for settle disputes, customer complaints including handling complaints, announcing notices
  2. Use for developing new service and marketing • advertisements
    • Develop and provide new service, checking validity of service, provide opportunities to participate in promotions or provide advertisements, examining access frequency, statistics on service usage by members

Article 3 (Sharing and providing personal information)

  1. The company uses personal information of users within the scope disclosed from Article 2 (Collection and use of Personal Information) in principle, and the following information can be disclosed while using our service.
    • Email, Name will be disclosed to users connected to “Developer Web” to identify each other while using “Developer Web” Service.
  2. Personal information will not be disclosed to third parties in principle nor used for purposes other than those stated in Article 2 (Collection and use of Personal Information) without your consents in advance. However, the followings are excluded.
    • When you agree in advance
    • When you agree in advance to use service by third parties in partnership
    • When authorities request for information according to the provisions by statues or according to procedures and methods stipulated in law for the purpose of investigation

Article 4 (Period of keeping and using personal information)

  1. The company will keep and use personal information while service is provided from the day when you apply for a membership.
  2. Personal information will be destroyed without delay in principle when the account is deleted or when the goal for collecting and using personal information is achieved. However, The Company keeps membership information for a certain period required by relevant laws if it is necessary to keep information according to regulations of relevant laws.

Article 5 (Procedures and methods of destroying personal information)

The procedures and methods of destroying personal information are as shown below.

  1. Procedures
    • Information entered for subscription by users are kept for a certain period (refer to period for keeping and using) then destroyed once goals are achieved by transferring into a separate DB (separate filing cabinets for paper) according to the Privacy Protection based on internal regulations and relevant laws.
    • The said personal information will not be used for purposes other than for keeping unless otherwise required by laws.
  2. Methods
    • Personal information printed on papers will be shredded or incinerated.
    • Personal information kept in electronic files will be deleted by technical methods that cannot be restored.

Article 6 (Rights, obligations of users and legal representatives and its exercises)

  1. You or legal representative can make inquiries or request to correct, delete, change or stop using personal information registered for self or child under the age of 14 at any time, and you can refuse to give a consent or request to cancel a membership (withdraw from a membership) if you do not agree with the company’s processing of personal information. However, in this case, a part of or all service may not be accessible.
  2. You or legal representative can view, change personal information for self or child under the age of 14 or cancel a membership (withdraw from a membership) from the Application and ProPTT2 homepage. If the above site cannot be accessible then contact Privacy Officer by email and we will take necessary actions.
  3. We will not use or provide personal information until mistakes are corrected when a user request to correct mistakes in personal information. If wrong personal information has been provided to a third party then we will make corrections by notifying the changes to the third party without delay.
  4. The company processes cancelled or deleted personal information as requested by users according to Article 4 (Period of keeping and using personal information) and we make sure that the information is not viewed or used for other purposes.
  5. The responsibility for accidents caused by inaccurate information entered by a user lies with the user. You have the obligation to prevent unforeseen accidents by accurately entering up to date personal information.
  6. You have the obligation to protect yourself and not violate other person’s information as well as the right to be protected of personal information. You should take caution not to leak personal information and not to damage personal information of others including from bulletin boards. If you damage personal information of others or damage the dignity of others by failing to fulfill the above obligations then you can be punished by relevant laws.
  7. The company does not collect personal information from minors in principle. When the company needs to collect personal information from minors for making payments for goods purchased then we seek consents from a legal representative in advance, and we will destroy personal information of minors at the time of concluding relevant businesses and we will strictly control personal information of minors while relevant businesses.

Article 7 (Installation/operation of devices to automatically collecting personal information and refusing this)

  1. Purpose of using cookies

    It helps you to conveniently access and use the website using information contained in cookies when you visit “Developer Web”. It is also used to provide customized information through records of website visits by users, types of usage.

  2. Installing/operating and refusing cookies

    You have a choice to install cookies. You can allow all cookies or check whenever a cookie is stored, or refuse storing of all cookies by setting options from a web browser. However, if you refuse to store cookies then you may experience difficulties in using some part of service including areas requiring logins.

    • Example) For Internet Explorer: Tool menu from the web browser > Internet Option > Personal Information

Article 8 (Contact details for Privacy)

  1. You can report any personal information related complaints to a responsible department ( for privacy while using the “Developer Web” service provided by the company. The company will quickly and satisfactorily respond to the reports by users.
  2. Please make inquiries to the following organizations if you need to report or consult in regards to the violation of personal information.

Article 9 (Miscellaneous)

We inform you that the act of collecting personal information by websites linked to “Developer Web” service is not applicable with "ProPTT2 Developer Privacy Policy".

Article 10 (Obligation of disclosure)

The company will notify any addition, deletion and modification in the current Privacy Policy at the homepage, ‘Notice’ within the service or other easy to noticeable ways at least 7 days prior to any revision. However, the company will notify any major changes in user rights including collection and using of personal information, providing to third parties at least 30 days in advance.

Supplementary Provisions

Article 1 (Effective date) This Privacy Policy is effective from November 1, 2015.