ProPTT2 Developers Terms of Service

Article 1(Purpose)

This document governs the rights, responsibilities, and other necessary matters between IMPTT Inc. (hereafter “Company”) and users regarding the use of ProPTT2 Developer Website(, hereafter “Developer Web”). By using or accessing “Developer Web”, you agree to the terms, as updated from time to time in accordance with Article 3 below.

Article 2(Definition)

Definitions of terms used in this agreement are as shown below.

  1. "Service" refers to “Developer Web” and its related services for “User” of development support about ProPTT2 SDK, OpenAPI, Firmware, etc.
  2. "User" refers to members who have agreed to the “terms” with the “company” and access “Developer Web” and use the “service” provided by the “company”.
  3. "ID" refers to a combination of letters and numbers, chosen by the “user” and approved by the “company”, required to use the “service”.
  4. "Password" refers to a combination of letters or numbers chosen by the “user” to protect privacy in combination with “ID”.
  5. "Postings" refer to writings, photos, videos and all kinds of files and links in the form of symbolsㆍlettersㆍvoiceㆍsoundㆍimageㆍvideo posted through the “service” by “users”.
  6. "Paid service" refer to all kinds of online digital contents (including information, items and other paid contents) and service provided by the “company” for revenue.

Article 3 (Announcement & Amendment)

  1. Company will post the terms on the first page of the service for users, and it will become effective when a user agrees to the terms. The terms become partially effective at the time of application to the service, and become fully effective after the user agrees to the terms. Amendments are made effective for existing users once announced.
  2. The effective period of the terms begins from the time of application to service by a user to the day the user terminates account. Exception will be made for services that have separately noted their effective period.
  3. Agreeing to the terms includes the responsibility of the user to check for amendments by visiting the company website regularly.
  4. Company can make amendments to the terms in compliance with relevant laws. In case of amendment, company will give a 7-day notice to users and announce the amendment, together with the current terms, effective date, and reasons for change according to the method stated in item 1. However, if the amendment is unfavorable to users, the company will give a 15-day notice, and clearly notify users of the change through E-mail, pop-up window, and other online methods. The amendment will become effective from the announced date.
  5. The continued use of the service after the announcement of amendment according to the previous item constitutes the user’s acceptance of the amendment.
  6. Users have the right to refuse the amendment. Company cannot apply the amendment if the user has clearly shown refusal within the notice period. In this case, user can terminate account within a 15-day window after expressing refusal. If the company cannot apply the previous terms to the user, the company can terminate the account. The continued use of the service after the effective date will constitute the user’s acceptance of the amendment.
  7. When a section is deemed unenforceable, the remaining terms will still hold effective.

Article 4 (Interpretation)

  1. Company can set separate terms and operation policies (hereafter “operation policy”) for individual services. When corresponding details conflict with terms, operation policy precedes.
  2. Matters not covered within terms will be governed by operation policy, relevant laws, and commercial practice.

Article 5 (Agreement)

  1. Those who wish to be users (hereinafter “applicant) signal their agreement to the terms when applying for a membership, and Company accepts this application.
  2. Company in principle provides service to applicants who request the service. However, the Company can refuse or stop providing service in following cases.
    1. When an applicant was disqualified previously according to this agreement. However, it is exempted when readmission was approved by the Company.
    2. When false information was provided or failed to enter details asked by the Company. Users entering false information are not entitled to any rights and can be punished by relevant laws, and the Company can cancel the user agreement later.
    3. When a child under the age of 14 applies without consent from legal representatives (parents).
    4. When an application cannot be approved by faults caused by a user or when applying by violating regulations.
  3. The company can request for additional information to applicants if required by a type of service applied for according to applying for a membership.
  4. The company can request to check identity and proof of identification through special organizations according to the types of membership.
  5. If a user and a person paying fees are different then the company can request for identifications to verify this.
  6. The Company can defer approval if there are no rooms for service related equipment or there are technical or business difficulties.
  7. If an application is not approved or deferred then the Company should notify this to an applicant in principle. However, it is exempted when the company cannot notify an application without faults caused by the company.
  8. The period of concluding the user agreement is at the time of indicating completion of subscription during the application procedure. However, the conclusion is available after confirming payment by the company for paid service.
  9. The Company can differentiate service by classifying the number of hours used, the number of times used, service menu by classifying users into grades according to the company policy.
  10. The Company starts providing service from the time of approving application by applicants. However, some service can start from a designated date as required by the company, and service is provided when the company confirms payment from users for paid service in principle.
  11. If the Company cannot start providing service by business or technical difficulties then this is notified by announcing at the homepage of individual service page or notified to users in advance.
  12. The Company provides recommended minimum required specification information for each service at homepages for each service. Users should check specification of terminals, quality of wired/wireless communication network for accessing service and check whether they are appropriate to use for corresponding service.
  13. Users may be required to install programs (hereafter “Programs”) installed for security patches, updates and programs, software (hereafter “Add-on software”) additionally required to run programs smoothly when using service. Installation of programs and add-on software is a requirement to use service provided by the company, and the size and type of installed programs can differ according to provided service and these details are provided at the homepage of each service.

Article 6 (Updating user account)

  1. Users can view and modify personal information at any time through the Profile.
  2. Users should make changes when there are changes in information entered at the time of application and notify the changes to the company.
  3. Company is not responsible for any disadvantages caused by failing to notify the changes from item 2 to the Company.

Article 7 (Obligations to protect privacy)

  1. The Company tries its best to protect privacy of users as regulated by relevant laws. Privacy Policy of the Company and relevant laws are applied in protecting and using personal information. However, the Privacy Policy of the Company does not apply to linked sites other than the official site of the Company.
  2. The Company is not responsible for information on user accounts as well as other information exposed by faults caused by users.
  3. The company can request for identification or other similar certificates from a user if required to verify identity by notifying the reasons (purposes) to the user. The Company cannot use these for purposes other than notified and immediately destroyed once goal is achieved in ways those cannot be reproduced.

Article 8 (Notifying "users")

  1. The Company can chose a method deemed to be appropriate including E-mail unless otherwise specified in this agreement when the Company notifies Users.
  2. The Company can replace notice of item 1 by posting at the bulletin board of “Developer Web” for more than 7 days for a notice to all Users.

Article 9 (Obligations of “Company")

  1. The Company does not conduct actions prohibited in relevant laws or in this agreement or actions against custom, and continues to try its best to provide Service continuously and stably.
  2. The Company should have a security system to protect personal information (including credit information) so that Users can safely use Service and announces and complies with the Privacy Policy.
  3. The Company must process opinions or complaints from Users in relation with using the service when they are deemed to be just. The Company notifies the processes for handling of opinions or complaints and subsequent results to Users through a bulletin board or a method deemed to be appropriate by the Company.

Article 10 (Obligations of "Users")

  1. Users must not do the followings.
    1. Registering false information when applying or making changes
    2. Using other person’s information
    3. Changing information posted by the Company
    4. Transmitting or posting information (computer programs) not approved by the Company
    5. Violation of intellectual property rights including intellectual property rights of the Company and third parties
    6. Actions damaging reputation or disrupting businesses of the Company and third parties
    7. Actions of making public or posting violent messages, videos, voices and other information violating good public order and customs including to the Service
    8. Actions of impersonating the Company or third parties or using other persons’ information
    9. Actions of unauthorized collection, disclosing or providing personal information, registration information, history of accesses of other Users
    10. Actions of threatening account security for Users including allowing others to access own account
    11. Actions of using the Service for profit making without consents from the Company
    12. Other unlawful or improper actions
  2. Users must observe relevant laws, regulations of this agreement, user guide and cautions announced in relation with Service, matters announced by the Company and must not take actions disrupting businesses of the Company.

Article 11 (Providing "Service")

  1. The Company provides the following service to users.
    1. ProPTT2 Developer Web : Technical Documentation about ProPTT2, SDK download and Guide for Developer
    2. Every service provided to Users including additionally developed by the Company or through partnerships with other companies
  2. Users need to pay fees according to the terms of conditions for each service to use Paid service.
  3. The company can separately decide available time for each range by dividing Service into a certain range. However, the details will be notified in advance in this case.
  4. Service is provided throughout the year, 24 hours per day in principle.
  5. The Company can suspend Service temporarily when maintaining and repairing, replacing and trouble in information communication equipment such as computers, communication disconnection or significant operation difficulties. The Company notifies Users in a manner stated in Article 8 [Notifying "Users"]. However, the Company can notify afterwards if there are unforeseeable reasons preventing notice in advance.
  6. The Company can conduct regular maintenance if required to provide the service, but the time for regular maintenance comply with a notice posted at service screen.

Article 12 (Changing "Service")

  1. The Company can change the entire or a part of Service provided for operation or technical needs if there are significant reasons.
  2. The Company announces the changes to service, the date applied in a “Notice” within corresponding service before making changes for users to fully aware of when there are changes to the details of methods of using and time of using Service. However, the Company can notify afterwards if there are unforeseeable reasons preventing notice in advance.
  3. The Company can correct, stop, change the entire or a part of service provided for free for reasons required by the company’s policy or operation, and the company does not compensate Users separately unless there are special regulations in relevant laws on this.

Article 13 (Providing information & Advertising)

  1. The Company can provide information recognized as necessary while Users are using the Service through a bulletin board or through E-mail, SMS. Users can always refuse to receiving advertisements except information on transactions and answers to inquires according to relevant laws.
  2. The Company can post advertisements at the Service screen, website in relation with the operation of Service. The company is not responsible for any losses or damages suffered by the users by participating, communicating or transacting with advertisers posted at the website.
  3. Users should not take any actions of changing, modifying, restricting postings or other information in relation with Service provided by the Company.

Article 14 (Copyright of "Postings")

  1. The copyrights of Postings posted within the Service by a User belong to the User.
  2. The responsibility for losses or problems caused by Postings by users lies with the individual user and the Company is not responsible for damages.

Article 15 (Managing "Postings")

  1. If Postings by Users include contents violating relevant laws then the administrator can request to suspend and delete the said Postings according to a procedure stipulated n relevant laws, and the Company must take actions according to relevant laws.
  2. The Company can take temporary actions against Postings without requests from the administrator as stated in previous clause according to relevant laws if there is cause deemed to have violated rights or when the Postings violate policy of the Company and relevant laws.
  3. The Company can check contents of Postings if it is necessary to check for compliance with relevant laws or this agreement.
  4. Some Postings can be deleted from the Service after a certain period, and the responsibility for managing Postings lies with the User.

Article 16 (Ownership of the rights)

  1. Copyrights and intellectual property rights on the Service belong to the Company. However, Postings by Users and writings provided by partnership contract are excluded.
  2. Copyrights and intellectual property rights on all trademarks, service marks, logos related with the service provided by the Company including design of service provided by the Company, texts created by the Company, scripts, graphics, bi-directional transmission between Users are owned by the Company or the Company has the ownership or the right of using based on related laws.
  3. The Company only grants the right of using to use Service to Users according to the term and conditions set by the Company in relation with the Service, and Users cannot transfer, sell or provide these as collaterals.
  4. Users do not own the Service or intellectual property rights on the Service with this user agreement but only received permission from the Company to use the Service thus Users can only use the Service in the form of acquiring information or for personal use.
  5. Users cannot copy or circulate bi-directional transmission between Users of texts, scripts, graphics created by the Company including using, copying, circulating status information on Users obtained through Service for profit-making except when clearly permitted.
  6. Users cannot attempt to produce by-products, inverted file, extraction of source codes related with the Service and software included unless otherwise when clear written permission is obtained from the Company.

Article 17 (Terminating account)

  1. Users can always apply to cancel the user agreement through a menu to delete own account within the service, and the Company must process this at once as stated by relevant laws.
  2. When a User cancels this contract, all date for the User is destroyed at the time of cancelling and it cannot be restored except when the Company keeps user information according to relevant laws and Privacy Policy.

Article 18 (Limiting access)

  1. The Company can limit Users from using Service step by step including warning, temporary suspension, permanent suspension, termination of the contract when a User violates obligations of this agreement or when disrupting normal operation of the Service.
  2. The Company can permanently suspend a user immediately despite of the previous clause when the user violates relevant laws including providing illegal software and disrupting the business, illegal communication and hacking, distribution of malicious programs, actions that exceeds access privileges. If a user is suspended permanently according to this item 2. then all benefits gained by using the Service becomes extinct and the Company does not compensate specially.
  3. If a User does not log in for more than three months then the Company is allowed to restrict the user’s service use to protect user information and promote operational efficiency.
  4. The Company complies with the Policy for Limiting Usage and Operation Policies for each service for the conditions for limiting and details for the scope of limiting usage stated in the clause.
  5. The Company notifies a User according to Article 8 [Notifying “Users”] when limiting Service or cancelling the contract according to this Article.
  6. Users can object to limiting service according to this Article in keeping with the company’s normal procedure. If the Company acknowledges that the object is reasonable then the Company restarts Service straight away.

Article 19 (Limitation of liability)

  1. The Company is exempted from liability to provide Service due to natural disasters or under equivalent unforeseeable circumstance.
  2. The Company is not liable for service difficulties including difficulties in accessing service and communication error by faults caused by Users.
  3. The Company is not responsible for information, data, reliability of facts, accuracy in relation with Service posted by Users.
  4. The Company is exempted from liability for transactions between Users and between a User and a third party with the Service as a medium.
  5. The Company is not liable for service provided for free unless otherwise specifically regulated by relevant laws.

Article 20 (Compensation for damages)

  1. User will indemnify the company if damages are caused by the user’s actions, postings, or information on Company.
  2. If a 3rd party brings a claim against the company related to a user’s actions, postings or information on Between in violation of the terms, user will indemnify and hold the company harmless from and against all damages, losses, and expenses of any kind (including reasonable legal fees and costs) related to such claim.

Article 21 (Jurisdiction)

  1. Lawsuits between company and users will be governed laws and regulations of the Republic of Korea.
  2. Disputes between company and users will be administrated by the relevant court according to the relevant laws of the Republic of Korea.

Supplementary Provisions

Article 1 (Effective date) This agreement is effective from November 1, 2015.