Get started

basic guide to make a plug-in.

Download plug-in library

Common libraryLatest version 2.1.0
Support IVideoPlugin2(Server 5.0.2~)
Common libraryLatest version 2.0.0
Support IPTTPlugin2(Server 3.3.0~)
Common libraryLatest version 1.0.0Down

Write plug-in codes

* You can find the full source at samples.


javac -classpath ProPTTCommon.jar

Make a jar

jar cvf PTTPlugin2Sample.jar PTTPlugin2Sample.class

Install plug-in

Copy PTTPlugin2Sample.jar to server's plugins folder

copy plug-in.jar {ProPTT2 server dir}/ptt-server/plugins

ex) copy PTTPlugin2Sample.jar /svc/std-package/ptt-server/plugins

Change system.xml of server


Restart server

When server is restarted, plug-in is loaded.