Get started

basic guide to make a plug-in.

Download plug-in library

Common libraryVersion 5.0.0 (14 Mar 2024)
Support VideoShare description and H265
Support IPTTPlugin5, IVideoPlugin4(Server 9.2.0~)
Common libraryVersion 4.3.0 (22 Nov 2022)
Support ICryptoPlugin(Server 8.0.0~)
Common libraryVersion 4.2.0 (31 Nov 2021)
Support IAdminWebPlugin2(Server 6.3.1~)
Common libraryVersion 4.1.0 (17 Nov 2021)
Support IAdminWebPlugin(Server 6.3.0~)
Common libraryVersion 4.0.1 (02 Jul 2021)
Support IPTTPlugin4(Server 6.0.2~)
Support IPublicGWPlugin(Server 6.1.1~)
Common libraryVersion 3.0.0 (08 May 2020)
Support IVideoPlugin3(Server 5.1.0~)
Common libraryVersion 2.1.0 (18 Apr 2020)
Support IVideoPlugin2(Server 5.0.2~)
Common libraryVersion 2.0.0 (22 Jan 2019)
Support IPTTPlugin2(Server 3.3.0~)
Common libraryVersion 1.0.0 (14 Jan 2018) 

Write plug-in codes

* You can find the full source at samples.


javac -classpath ProPTTCommon.jar

Make a jar

jar cvf PTTPlugin3Sample.jar PTTPlugin3Sample.class
* Please note the ProPTTCommon.jar must not be included in the output jar.

Install PTT plug-in

Copy PTTPlugin3Sample.jar to server's plugins folder

copy plug-in.jar {ProPTT2 server dir}/ptt-server/plugins

ex) copy PTTPlugin3Sample.jar /svc/std-package/ptt-server/plugins

Modify system.xml of server


* type: "ptt" is for IPTTPlugin, "crypto" is for ICryptoPlugin,

Restart server

When server is restarted, the plug-in would be loaded.

Install AdminWeb plug-in

Copy AdminWebPluginSample.jar to adminWeb's plugins folder

copy plug-in.jar {ProPTT2 server dir}/web-services

ex) copy AdminWebPluginSample.jar /svc/std-package/web-service

Modify file in web-service of adminWeb

Restart adminWeb

When adminWeb is restarted, the plug-in would be loaded.

Check traces

If you want to start a PTT server as a foreground process to see traces, you can use below command.