ProPTT2 is supporting Video PTT and VideoShare PTT. There are serveral video resolutions.


There are number of video resolutions. wikipedia

Video PTT

Video PTT has video and audio frame in PTT packet. But audio must have high priority.


HighColor, MJPEG, 160x120, 5fps, 256kbps
MiddleGray, MJPEG, 160x120, 5fps, 128kbps
LowGray, MJPEG, 160x120, 5fps, 64kbpsDefault

Video Sharing

In same channel, members can share real-time video. Video quality would be important. However, there should not affect voice PTT.


FullHDH.264, 1080P, 2Mbps, 17fps, iFrame interval 3sec
Very HighH.264, 720P, 2Mbps, 17fps, iFrame interval 1sec
HighH.264, 720P, 1Mbps, 15fps, iFrame interval 2sec
MiddleH.264, 720P, 512Kbps, 10fps, iFrame interval 3secDefault
LowH.264, 480P, 256Kbps, 7fps, iFrame interval 5sec
CustomH.264, User defined profile (Resolution,Bandwidth,FPS,iFrame)

CCTV integration

CCTV video can be integrated into Video Sharing. Video must be encoded by H.264.
See the CCTV