Customizing Android Client

ProPTT2 Android/Embedded clients are supporting Customization.

1. Android device provisioning

You can configure ProPTT2 Android client(2.1.14~) by modification ProPTT2.ini file.
You can refer to the Android device provisioning.

1.1 ProPTT2.ini

ProPTT2.ini must be in /ProPTT2.


1.2 Login

  • "DisableService=true" can remove service features.
  • "CompanyLogo" can be appeared logo position. It must be a png file. And It must be in /ProPTT2
  • "ServerAddress" can fix server address as your server.
  • "Domain" can fix user ID's domain as your domain.

2. Android OTA Customization

You can configure ProPTT2 Android/Embedded client(3.3.0~) by OTA.