AdminWeb UI customizing

AdminWeb support changing brand in server-side by yourself.

Logo image changing

Log images in war file can be changed.
Steps are,

  • Stop adminWeb
  • Unzip {server directory}/webapp/proptt.war
  • Change {proptt}/resources/images/login-logo.png and logo.png
  • Zip them to proptt.war
  • Move it to {server directory}/webapp/
  • Remove exist {server directory}/webapp/proptt folder
  • Start adminWeb

Text changing

Text in adminWeb also can be changed in same way.

  • Log-in page: Please use a system attribute(proptt.system.adminweb.csmessage) at setup menu in adminWeb.
  • Page Title: {server directory}/webapp/proptt/WEB-INF/views/layouts/layout/layout1.jsp and layout2.jsp

Log-in Screen

Main Screen