ProPTT2 client white label program.

Notice: ProPTT2 don't support white label program any more.

1. Android only

Only android version of ProPTT2 can support ProPTT2 client customizing program.
You need to purchase the program.
You can deploy it with apk file by yourself.
Notice: This app can not be registed into Google play store.

2. Features

ProPTT2 client customizing program can support belows.

  • Change intro and main logo(In adminWeb)
  • Change service name
  • Change homepage URL(In adminWeb)
  • Remove sign-up and facebook login
  • Fix server's address
  • Change app's icon(Optional)
  • Change app's physical name(Optional)
  • We will build a new version for each new release of ProPTT android

Customer can't regist it into Googl Play Store, just can deploy by ad-hoc.
If customer want to regist their PTT app into Googl Play Store, they can make a new version by using ProPTT client SDK freely.