Best way to install PTT Add-on at CentOS7


  • CentOS7 64bit
  • JDK SE 1.8 in CentOS7.
  • Use root account

  • OS, Apache and Java is not in ProPTT2 package, To know the detail information of installation, please contact to the product's homepage.

1. Install Linux

1.1 Check your server machine specification. refer recommended specification.
1.2 Install CentOS7 64bit as a Basic server.
1.3 Setup system time as GMT0 and sync by ntp.(see Timezone setup in Common)

1.4 Enable SELinux

2. Setup hostname

2.1 Setup hostname.
2.2 Modify hosts file(see Java installation in Common)

3. Decompress ProPTT2's tar

4. Setup firewall

Open ports in firewall.(see Firewall setup in Common)
TCP in : 41322, 41323, 41324, 41331
UDP in : 41323, 41324

5. Setup database

5.1 check
verify username and password for DB
5.2 run check_db
if there is no Java in system, please install Java. yum install java-1.8.x-openjdk.x86_64

6. Run ProPTT2