Public-GW setup, start and interaction

ProPTT2 server package has Public-GW beta. A developer can develop their GW server to link ProPTT2 and their external system through PublicGW Plugin.
Public-GW would be not started by default. You need to start it manually.

1. Overview

Public-GW interact with relay-server to join PTT channel. So all PTT servers must be running.
Public-GW can run on Linux and Windows.

2. Public GW Plugin development

Please refer to plugin guide.

3. Public GW Setup

Confiure plugin on system.xml.

  • name : plugin's name.
  • jar : plugin's jar file in "plugins" in Public-GW
  • classname : start class name
  • arg : argument for plugin initialization.

4. Start

If you want to start Public-GW as a service, you can use below command.

stop command is ./

If you want to start Public-GW as a foreground process to see traces, you can use below command.

5. Test

6. Remark