RTSP setup, start and interaction

ProPTT2 server package(2.1.0~) support RTSP. 3'rd party system can integrated with ProPTT2 server through RTSP.
RTSP service would be not started by default. You need to start it manually.
Cloud service don't support RTSP service.

1. Overview

RTSP service is a feature of vidoe server. When user start a video share, you can open RTSP channel to see the video share.

2. Setup

2.1 Firewall

RTSP use 41344 port for TCP interleave. You need to open the ports at firewall.

2.2 Configuration

You can configure system.xml for RTSP service manually.

  • enable : RTSP open.
  • auth : player authetication by Digest.
  • listener : Port configuration
    - port : RTSP port. If 0, 41344 would be used

3. Start

If you want to start RTSP, You need to restart video-server. you can use below command.

4. Test

4.1 start RTSP service

  • Modify system.xml of video server.
  • Restart video server.
  • One of user start video share.

4.2 RTSP Client environment

  • RTSP client.(We are using VLC player)


  • LIVE rtsp://{server ip}:{port}/{video channel id}
  • VOD rtsp://{server ip}:{port}/vod/{video channel id} (only enterprise)
  • ex) rtsp://

5. How can you know the video channel ID?

5.1 CallbackAPI

System can know it from CallbackAPI(vc). There is also RTSP URL.
Please refer to CallbackAPI doc

5.2 VideoServer Plugin

System can know it from IVideoPlugin(OnCreated(String userId, int videoChannelId, String jsonParams)). There is also videoChannelId.
Please refer to IVideoPlugin doc

5.3 Video server's log

You can find it in video server's log.
tail -f logs/service/Video.service.log

ex) rtsp://

6. Remark

RTSP's technical doc