Best way to install DB server at Ubuntu


  • Ubuntu server 22.04.2 64bit
  • MariaDB 10.2.25
  • Use sudo account

  • OS and DB is not in ProPTT2 package, To know the detail information of installation, please contact to the product's homepage.

1. Install Linux

Install Ubuntu server 64bit as a default server.
And setup system time as GMT0 and sync by ntp.(see Timezone setup in Common)

2. Install DB

2.1 Please note you need to have DBA's supporting.
2.2 Install MySql by apt and create database for ProPTT2.(see DB in Common)
2.3 The timezone must be GMT0.

3. Setup firewall

By default, firewall would not be enabled. If you use firewall, you need to open below ports.(see Firewall setup in Common)