ProPTT2 CrossConnect

CrossConnect(CC) can link two different ProPTT2 systems. This makes it possible to configure the system topology in various environments. It provides high security level for linking independent systems. ProPTT2 server package(version 4.2.x~) has CrossConnect.
Enterprise stand-alone/clustered and Cloud service have host and client mode both.
Standard has only client mode.

Basic structure

CC client have to connect to CC host, then the organization B can have virtual channels to be linked with the organization A's channels. When B1 join to the virtual channel A, A1( and A2, A3...) and B1( and B2, B3...) can communicate each other.
For inter communication channel, TLS/SSL is used.

Logical structure

In the organization A, user A1, A2 can see the virtual user named "Organization B".
In the organization B, user B1, B2 can see the virtual channel A and user named "Organization A".
When user B1 send a PTT to the vitual channel A, user A1 and A2 can receive the PTT from the user "Organization B" in the channel A.


When the link is connected,

The channel is linked and all users(A1, A2, B1, B2) can communicate each other.

When the link is broken,

The channel is broken and all users(A1, A2, B1, B2) can not communicate each other. But user A1 and A2 can communicate each other through the channel A. And user B1 and B2 can communicate each other through the virtual channel A. When the channel is recovered, all users(A1, A2, B1, B2) can communicate each other again automatically.


Peer to Peer type

Two ProPTT2 system can be linked. For instance, when the accident is fired, police and fireman can be linked temporary. Or two organizations who is located in different area can be linked. When internet is broken, each organization can work as a stand alone.

Tree type

If a organization have child organizations, CrossConnect can link the child organizations to base organization. Actually this is a star type.

Mesh type

Multiple independent ProPTT2 systems can be linked together as needed.