ProPTT2 support strong security features for enterprise aria.
All session and data would be encrypted by strong encryption algorism.


ID and password is encrypted in 3 steps. Hash, OTP and TLS/SSL.

PasswordSaved hashed password by Sha512 + BCrypt(option)
OTPOTP(One-Time-Password) is used for authentication
2FA(Two-Factor Authentication)User can use an authentication token(SSAID, IMEI, Phone number, SMS token and so on) with password.
Password PolicyCustomer can set the Password Policy for user.

Login session

TLS/SSLAll login seesion is encrypted by TLS/SSL

PTT control session

TLS/SSLAll control seesion is encrypted by TLS/SSL

Media session

Media sharing session encryption is optional. if PTT has a attribute of encription, it would work.

End to End EncryptionProPTT2 support E2EE. PTT server support key distribution for PTT clients.
AlgorismProPTT2 support AES128/256 (wikipedia), ARIA256 (wikipedia) Encription algorism

Data encryption

Local client must encrypt local data.

System DBThe important field in DB is encrypted with AES.
iOSOS can support encryption for each app.
AndroidProPTT2 encrypt local DB with AES.

Video sharing session

Video sharing session encryption is optional.

TLS/SSLVideo sharing session is encrypted by TLS/SSL


AdminWeb also have secure features.

TLS/SSLAll communication is encrypted by TLS/SSL
XSS ProtectionAdminWeb support XSS protection headers and script prevention. XSS
CSRF ProtectionAdminWeb support CSRF protection token and script prevention. CSRF

For highest security level

In device side, VPN and MDM can be used for PTT service.

VPNVPN can support encryption for each session. You can use high performance encryption.
MDMMDM can manage device, app and user's profile on high level security.