Specification of ProGate cable. (For ProGate HW 4 Generation)

1. Port pin map

Port of ProGate cable is 9Pin D-sub. (Below is in-side view of cable and out-side view of ProGate)

1UART(PG Tx)Uart's tx of ProGate
6UART(PG Rx)Uart's rx of ProGate
2Rx(Line-in)ProGate's line-in. (* Notice : Max volt is 5V.)
7PTT-INThis is for PTT-IN signal(High or Low). (* Notice : Max volt is 5V.)
3TxProGate's right speaker
4PTT-OUT switchWhen PTT out is on, PTT-OUT and Base are linked.
9BaseBase line of PTT-OUT switch
5PTT-OUTWhen PTT is locked from server, this pin is on(High or Low). High is 3V.

2. Inside of ProGate

Progate Internal Diagram

3. PTT-OUT switch operation

ProGate has a switch for PTT out. In normal status, PTT-OUT switch is unlinked. But if PTT out is on, PTT-OUT switch and Base are linked.

PTT out off    ==>    PTT out on

PTT out switch is similar with a physical PTT button. Developer can make a situation PTT button pressed by using PTT out switch.