Reference of IAdminWebPlugin

Description of IAdminWebPlugin. IAdminWebPlugin is in Plugin V4.1 and above.

In plug-in, developers can use internal API of adminWeb.

IPTTPlugin4 IVideoPlugin3 IPublicGWPlugin


customerIdCompany ID. Normally it is always 1.
nDBIDThe user's ID in TB_User
strIDThe user's login ID
strPlainPasswordThe user's login password. default it is empty.
strNameThe user's name
strEmailThe user's email address if the user has it
strPhoneNumberThe user's phone number if the user has it.
DescriptionLogin user's information


In plug-in, a developer can use internal API of IAdminWebPlugin server.


Connection getDBConnection()
DescriptionGet DB connection from DB connection pool in server.
Common library version4.1.x


void sendEmail(String toEmailID, String title, String content)
toEmailIDreceiver's email ID.
titleemail title.
contentemail content.
Descriptionsend email to a user. An operator must set up email in setup of adminWeb
Common library version4.1.x


void writeLog(String message)
messagelog message
DescriptionWrite log in Tomcat log
Common library version4.1.x


void writeErrorLog(String message)
messagelog message
DescriptionWrite error log in Tomcat log
Common library version4.1.x


void OnInitialized()
DescriptionNotify initialized to adminWeb.
Common library version4.1.x



int getInterfaceVersion()
Returnmost be retured INTERFACE_VERSION
DescriptionNotify plug-in's INTERFACE version
Common library version4.1.x


int getType()
Returnmost be retured TYPE_GENERAL_PLUGIN
DescriptionNotify plug-in's type
Common library version4.1.x


boolean initialize(String arg)
Returnresult of initialize
Descriptioninitialize plug-in
Common library version4.1.x


String autheticate(PTTUser user, String hashedPassword, boolean passwordVerified, String device, String os, String app, String peerIp, String token
usercurrent seesion's user information
hashedPassworduser input password by sha512
passwordVerifieduser input password is verified
deviceuser's device
osuser's OS
appuser's App information
peerIpuser's IP
token AuthToken: user input token+[','+other auth token], ex) "1234" or "1234,01012341234"
"retry": have to send 2FA(Two-Factor Authentication) token again. (Please note ProPTT2 app don't support it yet)
Response "success": authetication success
"failure": authetication failure
"required": a 2FA(Two-Factor Authentication) key is required
"sessionKey": generated one time session key.
Descriptioncheck user's authetication
Common library version4.1.x


void OnError(int errCode, String jsonParams)
errCodeerror code. not defined
jsonParamsextended parameters
Descriptionfired error
Common library version4.1.x


void OnExtenedEvent(String cmdName, String jsonParams)
cmdNamecommend name. not defined
jsonParamsextended parameters
DescriptionFired an extended event
Common library version4.1.x