DNS setup for user login

When a user login at first time, the user have to set server's IP. But sometimes it is not easy for some users.
Then if you setup server's DNS, it is not required that user's set up the server's IP.
Because ProPTT2 client can detect the server's IP automatically.

PtoPTT2 client(Android 3.0.9~, Embedded 3.0.4~, iPhone 3.0.4~, Windows 3.0.6~) has this feature.(auto detection by DNS)

1. Setup

If your domain is "imptt.com", please setup server IP with "ptt.imptt.com". It means "ptt."+your domain.
Then ProPTT2 client connect to "ptt.imptt.com" at login time.

2. Process

1) server setup would be auto. It is default.
2) login with user90@imptt.com on ProPTT2 client.
3) Client resolve ptt.imptt.com to have server IP.
4) And client connect to ptt.imptt.com for log in