SIP-GW setup, start and interaction

SIP server mode    [SIP client mode]

ProPTT2 server package(7.1.2~) has SIP-GW beta 3. Other SIP module(like a ROIP G/W) can integrated with ProPTT2 server through IPPBX.
SIP-GW would be not started by default. You need to start it manually.

1. Overview

SIP-GW interact with relay-server to join PTT channel. So all PTT servers must be running.
SIP-GW can run on Linux and Windows.

2. Setup

2.1 Firewall

SIP-GW use UDP. 41384 is a main control port and 50000~59999 are RTP/RTCP ports. You need to open the ports at firewall.
** To link peer clients, the IP and ports are opened. You need to check it to the IP-PBX network guide.

2.2 Configuration

Configure SIP client mode on system.xml.

  • pbx.mode : client - SIP-GW run as a PBX's client.
  • pbx.ip : PBX's IP.
  • pbx.port : PBX's UDP IP.
  • local.ip : SIPGW's IP to receive packets from PBX.
  • accounts.account.pbxId : PBX's client ID.(user ID).
  • accounts.account.pbxPassword : BX's client password.
  • accounts.account.pttChannelNo : PTT channel number to be joined to pbxId.
  • accounts.account.pttId : ProPTT2 user ID(It must be a SIP type) to be assigned to pbxId.
  • ptt.lockDetect : How to detect a lock/unlock siganl SIPGW.
    - sipinfo : SIP client have to send it. sipinfo - RFC 2833 event mode
    - dtmf : SIP-GW detect DTMF in voice packets.
    - vad : SIP-GW detect voice in voice packets.
  • ptt.lockSend : When ProPTT2 have lock/unlock signal,
    - sipinfo : SIPGW will send ptt.lockKey/ptt.unlockKey to SIP client. sipinfo - RFC 2833 event mode.
    - dtmf : SIPGW don't process. In it is required, SIP client need to detect it.
  • ptt.lockKey : 1 DTMF value to be used lock signal.
  • ptt.unlockKey : 1 DTMF value to be used unlock signal.

3. Start

If you want to start SIP-GW as a service, you can use below command.

stop command is ./

If you want to start SIP-GW as a foreground process to see traces, you can use below command.

4. Test

4.1 Account registraion

  • You can add SIP account in adminWeb.
  • First you add
  • Link with channel No 1.

4.2 Client environment

  • SIP client.(We are using Zoiper and Bria)
  • ID : Your IPPBX's ID
  • Password : Your IPPBX's password
  • Server : your IPPBX
  • Codec : Only PCMU(G.711)/8000 is supported.
  • Network : Client must be in same network with SIP-GW.

4.3 Regist to IPPBX

  • Regist to IPPBX by SIP client.

4.4 Call to accounts.account.pbxId

  • When you call to accounts.account.pbxId, it is accepted automatically.
  • And accounts.account.pttId would be joined from accounts.account.pttChannelNo.
  • If you press # button, PTT is locked.
  • If you press * button, PTT is unlocked.
  • If ProPTT client lock the channel, you can recevie DTMF # by SIP-Info
  • If ProPTT client unlock the channel, you can recevie DTMF * by SIP-Info

4.5 Bye the call

  • accounts.account.pttId would be leaved from accounts.account.pttChannelNo.

4.6 Exit from SIP client.

5. Remark

- In case of client mode, we could not support you technically. There are number of network issues between SIPGW and IPPBX. We could not touch them.
- ICE/TRUN/STUN is not supported yet.